About AustBot

My name is Austin Adams and I am a Software Engineer. I have at least 10 years of experience creating amazing software for both man and machine. I’m people oriented, fast learning and excited to challenge tough problems with modern solutions. As a contributor sometimes and an overseer other times I know how to to lead and follow with wisdom in a team setting. I enjoy all aspects of the development process and because of that I know how to see a project through all stages of execution. I love teams, working together and pulling out the best in people. Modern software solutions are my preference but I can often be found looking into the past for guidance. I love to have fun, be with family and work in the community. I’m a family man with dreams to have a mini farm and create a sustainable living environment. In a general sense I have focused all my energy into the web. I have been designing the architecture, building, maintaining, scaling and enhancing web applications for 10 years.

My Resume